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The Changing Face of Tourism in New Zealand

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Published: 1/10/2013

Look after me tourism nz business

New government funding, a National Tourism Plan, changes in the way travellers are booking, evolving demographics and a global hospitality revolution, are just some of the factors impacting local tourism businesses. Julia Charity reports.

Go Fish - ideas for fishing holidays

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Published: 1/10/2013

Hooked on fishing?

Go fishing, Home hosted accommodation, Look after me, Kiwi homestay Come and stay with hosts who have access to primo fishing spots. Even better, our mad-keen fishing hosts can't wait to give you their best fishing tips - from a humble kiwi homestay ($60) to a luxury lodges in Hawke's Bay or Gore.

Easter is a great time to build up your bragging rights, biggest catch, longest battle, the largest number in a day and of course 'the one that got away'!!

A fabulous way to try something new, deep sea, lake or river fishing try out new gear, learn the best spots from your friendly host who will most likely will smoke your catch for the price of a cold one!

Mature guests expecting more from their travel dollar

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Published: 22/07/2013

As a nation, we are aging, becoming increasingly affluent and technologically aware. How then, are these factors fundamentally changing expectations from travellers demanding experiences that are more enriching, meaningful and memorable?

Go Garden

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Published: 13/06/2013

Go Gardening, Look After Me, Home hosted accommodation Many of our Look After Me hosts are keen gardners and are as excited to welcome you into their garden, as they are into their homes!  Considered local experts, they  willingly suggest nearby nature reserves, walks and gardens for you to enjoy.

We warmly welcome you to indulge in one of your favourite past-times and enjoy the sights and smells of your hosts efforts, explore their take on gardening.

No matter the season, there's bound to be fruit, flowers and vegetables for you to enjoy.