Great Write Away in Rotorua - a new holiday retreat or festival for writersBe the writer you've always wanted to be

Tell the world something it needs to hear

The Great Write Away

Holiday + Retreat + Festival + Mobile Classroom

 Unique Writing Adventure  

Live or Virtual format

Hosted by Story Telling Legends 






Monday 26th September - Sunday 2 October 2022


New Zealand


Find your tribe

Discover your voice

Tell your stories


Rotorua in the Heart of Hot Tub Valley - host for The Great Write Away

Great Write Away - Writers festival in Rotorua Spring 2022

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The Great Write Inn: on-line school for writers


The Great Write Inn - on-line chool for creative writers




Ignite your passion as a story teller.

Have you always wanted to write "something" but didn't know where to start?

The Great Write Inn is an on-line school for writers. 

Offering a series of MasterClasses, creative writing exercises and inspiration to take your idea all the way through to a published short story.

We've created a seven step-by-step process for at-home learners.





NOW TAKING ENROLMENTSSeven step process - Great Write Inn


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! NEW !



Holiday + Retreat + Write-Seeing + Mobile classroom

x 7 days

= Adventure for writers

Reconnect with yourself

Explore in nature

Discover your voice

Learn from us

Tell your stories

Rest & relax

Repeat for seven days

Rotorua in the Heart of Hot Tub Valley - host for The Great Write Away

“Re-discover, re-ignite or kick-start a

passionate relationship with your creative self…”


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Great Storyteller?
If you could only ever tell one story, what would it be?
Come on this once-in-a-lifetime story telling adventure to free your voice, and tell your story. 
We've laid out a step-by-step writer's trail, spread over 7 days in one of the most mesmerising places in New Zealand.
Masterfully crafted, by writers, for writers, you'll go "write-seeing" all over the Hot Tub Valley.
With insider's local knowledge, access to the freshest and best local cuisine and an EPIC line up of story telling masters, you can watch on any devise, or anytime.
Learn how to write your story, from the best story telling advise on offer in New Zealand. all from the comfort of your holiday suite. 
We welcome you to come on a Creative Journey with us.

We offer you a tailor-made, personalised itineary.

Best suits writers who like to self-drive and want the flexibility to choose an accommodation option, best suited to your unique circumstances. 

We offer quirky campervans, beautiful bed and breakfasts, comforting homestays, stylish self-contained units, swoon-worthy holiday houses or luxurious 4- and 5-star lodges.

Single-price packages are always available, with great deals in off-peak or shoulder seasons, or double-up and come with a treasured friend or family member.

All Wee Write Away Holiday Packages come with full and forever access to our Writer's Hub and Portal (TV channels for writers, Coaching packages, Stories, Community and Monthly chat group). 

Eat. Write. Stay and play - making it easy to organise

One of the headaches of organising holidays is the time it takes to research and organise everything.

We get it - we really do.

That's why all Wee Write Aways are super quick and easy to organise.

Our secret is that we've collected the very best ideas for write-seeing spots (all year round) and lay them out in a practical, helpful and organised format, so you can maximise your time creating and writing, rather than sorting holiday logistics. 

It's a completely new format for writers - combining all the wonderment of a holiday, plus your passion for writing, in a gorgeous location, with the best tutors, where you get to pick how and when you learn. 

We personalise each and every Wee Write Away Experience for every writer or groups of writers, who decide to come to the Hot Tub Valley. 

Just tell us what kind of accommodation you prefer (campers, self-contained units, holiday houses, lodges or boutique) and who is coming (just you, or with a friend or family member). 

Look After Me is headquarted in the Hot Tub Valley so we've already handpicked the best properties, ideal for writers.

We personally know all of the owner-operators, and have inspected the properties to ensure they uphold our Look After Me brand values and the Tiaki promise to care for our people and places. 

We only offer you the choice of the most peaceful places with optimal lake views and access to hot water, steam and spa treatments and nature walks.  

No more scrolling endlessly on websites for the best value-for money, clean and safe accommodation.

We've got the list.

We know The Valley well. 

Start by requesting a no obligation Quote for a Wee Write Away - it only takes a few minutes. 

Don't be that person who always wanted to write a story, but never did.

Start dreaming of coming to Rotorua, where we show you how.

If you interested in travelling in 2022 or 2023, please click the yellow button to send a no obligation enquiry.

Put your dreams out there - we'll do everything we can to make your dream writer's holiday come true.

Your unique 7 day Wee Write Away can be suprisingly affordable, or deliriously luxurious.

Make a wish!

We have a team of Fairy Godmothers, just waiting to make your writer's dreams come true. 

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The Great Write Inn: Live Event 16-17 October 2021


Watch the video to reflect on the happy memories

Click the video to take a stroll down memory lane of the Great Write Inn Live Event in Dunedin.

Set to music by Matthew Hollinsgworth, this is a collection of the photographic highlights of the Opening Address, held at Olveston - Dunedin's beloved Edwardian Historic Home. 

The Great Write Inn was officially opened by the Mayor of Dunedin, Aaron Hawkins and Festival Director, Julia Anne and attended by first cohort of guest writers. 

Great Write Inn - Writers Festival Dunedin

The masterclasses were filmed and are now available to view at home.

Enrol in the new on-line school

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International Women's Day

Community Event: International Women's Day

Friday 12 March 2021


As our Tourism Industry takes a nose-dive and is in survival mode - there is a new Economy on the rise.

With Bay of Plenty Hostesses opening up their homes to $1Million of domestic visitors - the Sharing Economy is a new light on the horizon.

New Zealand women are some of the world's best hosts.

Join us for a Celebration of International Women's Day and how New Zealand women are poised to benefit from the new "Shared Access" Economy. Hear from Look After Me Founder and Managing Director, Dr Julia Anne, how women are re-defining hospitality, manaakitanga and looking after our guests. 

Tickets $10 - At Event Finder.

Photos and Press

International Women's Day, Zonta Rotorua March 2021 with Dr Julia Anne   IInternational Women's Day Zonta Club of Rotorua - March 2021 with Dr Julia Anne - Shared Access Economy


Zonta Festival in the Garden - sponsored by Look After Me

Sponsorship Community Event

Zonta's Festival in the Garden

25 November 2020


After a year like 2020, being part of a community has never been so important. Zonta clubs are a group of business and professional women who raise money for projects that empower women and girls.

Look After Me was proud to be the major sponsor for the raffle prize for the Zonta Club of Rotorua's fundraiser - a "Go Slow" three night accomodation and hot pool package. 

Photos and Press

Photos from Zonta Festival in the Gardens - Rotorua - November 2021   

  Soak and Cycle Holiday Package winner - Zonta Festival in the Gardens

Frock IT Rhythm and Rhymes Dance Party Event in Dunedin 2020

Frock IT!

Rhythm and Rhymes: Friday 28 August 2020


A dance party with a rhythemical twist. 

An unofficial National Poetry Day event where people came to rock their frock and slam dunk rhyme if they wanted to.

Four hours of dance party music, performance poets and slammers, a bowl of food and first drink. 

Cover Charge $14 or General Admission (including food & drink) $39. 

This event won TV3 The Project's Whip Around for being the best place in New Zealand to be on 28 August 2020. 

Prjoject TV3 The Whip Around Challenge winners 28 August 2020

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World Peace Festival 2020

Ekam World Peace Festival

Watch live stream on You-Tube

10th, 12th and 13th of August 2020

From Rotorua HQ, the spiritual homeland of New Zealand, we contemplated, meditated and prayed for Peace.

This was part of the Ekam World Peace Festival - a gathering of over 10 million people around the world. 

Look After Me Founder & Managing Director Dr Julia Anne was a New Zealand Ambassador for World Peace and is an advocate for promoting inner calm, and looking after ME, in an chaotic world. 

Queens High Tea - Nationwide Tea party in New Zealand to celebrate the Queens Birthday

Queen's High Tea - Monday 1 June 2020

Rotorua, Dunedin and nationwide, on-line

Queen's High Tea Parties were held at home and at Olveston Historic Home in Dunedin, Princes Gate in Rotorua and the Royal Albatross Centre at Otago Peninsula.

It was a Feel Good tourism initiative to kick-start New Zealand celebrations as we moved into Covid-19 Alert Level 2. It was also launched our Keep Calm and Carry On strategy to help unify New Zealanders.

The event was covered by the Rotorua Daily Post and the Otago Daily Times.

Queen's High Tea       Carrying on Calmly - photos of queens high tea 2020

The Queen's High Tea Facebook Group captured all the elegance of the day.

See live streams of entertainer Evelyn Falcolner from Prince's Gate Rotorua and a photo gallery.

 Click Image to view. 

Queens High Tea Facebook Community Page



Frock IT Fashion - planning underway for 2023

a pair of caucausian hands holding colourful striped fabric and sewing. In the background are scattered fabrics and threads.

Always wanted to explore your inner fashionista?

Come along to our Frock It! Event; you’ll end up in stitches!

Frock it with fabric, fibre, felt and fashion.

Will you retro or glam, up-cycle or re-cycle?

Learn different approaches to making your own fabulous clothes.

Stay 'n' Clay - planning underway for 2023

Clay covered hands at a pottery wheel spinning a clay vase

Go absolutely potty!

Join us for a four day Festival of Clay where you can explore various pottery and ceremic arts and activities.

Spin a wheel, get glazin’ or raku if you want to.

Build, mosaic, mould and get very, very messy.


Accommodation packages based on your interests

We're on a mission to connect like-minded people through our events and accommodation.

3 Day Holiday Packages in New Zealand 2021

Search on common interests like 'pottery', 'writing', 'cycling', 'golf' etc, to find accomodation where you can enjoy your favourite Hobby, Interest or Activity.

New!  Holiday Packages based on your favourite past-times

   Chose Hot Pool 3 Day packages in New Zealand for your holiday   Choose 3 Day Holiday packages in New Zealand - for sewers

book 3 day Stay and Clay Holiday Packages in New Zealand   Choose art and painting holidays and packages in New Zealand   Choose writing holidays and 3 day packages in New Zealand

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