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NEW: Wee Write Away - Seven Day Writers Retreats in Rotorua, Hot Tub Valley

Introducing the Wee Write Away - a new seven day writer's retreat in Rotorua, the heart of the Hot Tub Valley, New Zealand

Created by writers for writers and hosted by Look After Me - an accommodation network - these new writer's retreats are ideal for singles, couples or small groups. 

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Great Write Away http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/great-write-away The Great Write Away - a new Writer's Festival


Monday 26th September -  Sunday 2 October 2022

Be the writer you've always wanted to be.

Tell the world something it needs to hear.

7 Day, 5 Day, 3 Day and Single Day tickets for The Great Write Away  - our new Writer's Festival in Rotorua are now available.

We have created a seven day, seven step programme covering the end-to-end process of creating a story, then editing, formating, publishing and marketing a story. 

With scheduled time for writing, learning and relaxing - it's a unique 'write-seeing' holiday, created by writers, for writers.

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Great Write Inn - Dunedin http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/great-write-inn-dunedin The Great Write Inn - Writers Events in DunedinThe Great Write Inn is an Experience for writers.

With a series of Masterclasses by expert tutors - be the writer you've always wanted to be. 


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Kiwi's 12 Days of Easter - a song to get you humming http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/kiwis-12-days-of-easter-a-song-to-get-you-humming At Look After Me - NZ's Homestay Network, we're getting into the spirit of Easter in a very special way. Meet 'Sharon' - a typical Kiwi girl trying to book somewhere for Easter.

Here's a song to get us all humming: 

Kiwi’s Easter

[To the tune of Snoopy’s Christmas]

The summer was long, temperatures soared

It was coming up Easter holiday once more

The kiwi thought back to her days in the tent

And called on herself to do it again....


Was the week before Easter, dry as bone

When Kiwi went out in search of a home

For a holiday break, something ‘different’ she thought,

With cheer in her heart, carefully she sought...


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From Roto-Vegas to Nazareth and back again http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/from-roto-vegas-to-nazareth-and-back-again The future of NZ theatre is in talented hands.

I’m slowly coming back into reality here in Rotorua after being transported back 2012 years, to Nazareth. I’ve just had the most amazing experience – for a short few hours I’ve been completely caught up in the last few days of Jesus’ life.

I’ve been to the theatre where our local Boys and Girls High School staged Jesus Christ Superstar. The exuberant talent of these teenagers, some as young as 13 was extraordinary. Complimented by creative choreography, superb lighting, symphonic musical score and authentic costumes – it was provocatively entertaining.


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How kiwi is kiwi? http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/how-kiwi-is-kiwi Happy Waitangi Day. A significant day for New Zealanders everywhere. How kiwi is kiwi? Here's a little rhyme I wrote called 'Kiwiana' celebrating just a few of the things that unite us, no matter where we live in the world.

Cabbage Tree, L&P,

All Blacks, Footrot Flats

No 8 Wire, Katchafire

Too many sheep, Shortland Street....

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