Look After Me Guest Blogs http://lookafterme.co.nz/blog/guest-blogs Guest blogs Thu, 30 May 2024 07:13:57 +1200 Guest Blogs en-nz info@lookafterme.co.nz Copyright 2024 Five Great Reasons to Choose a Homestay When You Relocate http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/five-great-reasons-to-choose-a-homestay-when-you-relocate Lunch accomadationStory by Jenny Holt


Relocating is hard enough without the hassles of finding a temporary home when you arrive in a new place. It is just easier when you have somewhere to go immediately upon arrival of what would be your next place of home. So why not opt for a homestay?

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Saving For Your Holiday http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/saving-for-your-holiday money, travel, accommodation, Look After Me, New Zealand Homestay, Bed and BreakfastBy Jenny Holt

“Comfortable”, “warm”, and “idyllic” are just a few phrases you’ll hear about travel in New Zealand. Your homestay experience has the potential to be an extremely positive one. Don’t let financial worries get in the way. Manage your money with these helpful tips.

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Discover Accessible New Zealand With A Sense of Freedom And Confidence http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/discover-accessible-new-zealand-with-a-sense-of-freedom-and-confidence Look After Me, accommodation, New Zealand Bed and Breakfast and Homestay, Accessibility, Disability, Accessible TravelThe tourism New Zealand website reports that some $34.7 billion is spent by tourists.  Tourism is clearly big business for this small island, which welcomes visitors both abled and disabled. The North and South Islands of New Zealand offer a wealth of scenic walks or drives, with exciting activities such as wine tasting at any of the many vineyards, whale watching or checking out the volcanic activity at Rotorua.

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What our guests say http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/what-our-guests-say Guests come and stay with Look After Me - an alternative to AirBnB in New Zealand and only online market place for accommodation and homestays


Over the years we've collected a few stories from guests who have stayed with Look After Me hosts and put them in a video. 


Every property also has its own 'Visitors Book', where guests write about their experience. Here's what some of them have said:

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Your paceā€¦our place! Bike-friendly accommodation in New Zealand http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/your-pace-our-place-bike-friendly-accommodation-in-new-zealand Look After Me, NZ's Homestay Network is an Official Accommodation partner for the Rotorua cycle trail, Thermal by Bike (Te Ara Ahi) - providing welcoming, affordable bike-friendly accommodation on this Cycle Trail and other Cycle Trails all around New Zealand. Ideal for cycling holidays. Dreaming of a cycling holiday in New Zealand but not sure where to get started?

The New Zealand Cycle Trail is a network of off-road cycle ways offering cyclists the chance to experience the very best of New Zealand landscape, culture and world-class hospitality. Cycling through dappled bush, gently bubbling geothermal activity, stunning snow-capped peaks and popular beach and wine trails – a myriad of experience awaits along well-formed cycle paths all around the country.

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Carmen Completes Challenge (Work Placement Blog) http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/carmen-completes-challenge-work-placement-blog Hi I'm Layla and I am on Work Experience at Look After Me, as the team publicist. I have been working alongside some really amazing people, and this week I interviewed a fellow team member, Carmen Cartwright.

She is part of our work placement’s 9-member Data Entry Team who are collectively responsible for transferring all of the property data from the old website to the new website. So far Carmen has entered the names and emails of subscribers into the MailChimp database and entered property information into the Look After Me website database.

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Helen Helps Homestays (Work Placement Blog) http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/helen-helps-homestays-work-placement-blog Look After Me established a Work Placement programme in July 2012 for 12 recruits to have an opportunity to work in a real-life sitation and to utilise their skill set and gain experience. My name is Layla and I am a Work Placement Recruit in the role of publicist. 

For the duration of this work placement, I’ve have been catching up with a few of my fellow team members to see how they feel about working for Look After Me.

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My name is Layla (Work Placement Blog) http://lookafterme.co.nz/article/my-name-is-layla-work-placement-blog Hi my name is Layla and this is my first blog for Look After Me. I am a sixteen year old high school student with dreams of becoming a journalist or TV reporter.

I am a recruit on the Look After Me Work Placement programme, etablished to provide real life work opportunities in a range of skills. I applied because I thought it would be great to meet new people and also to let my creative flare shine through, while getting a glimpse of what working with media is like in the real world.

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