Great Write Inn - Dunedin

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Published: 4/07/2020


The Great Write Inn is an Experience for writers.

With a series of Masterclasses by expert tutors - be the writer you've always wanted to be. 

Ignite your passion as a story teller - free your voice and tell your story. 

Designed by writers for writers. We have hand-picked some of New Zealand's expert facilitators, writing tutors, authors, publishers and book sellers. 

We have developed a Seven Step programme to help you take an idea all the way through to a published story.

The Great Write Inn offers 12 Masterclasses which guide writers through the Seven Step Programme. 

The Masterclasses are conveniently grouped into two separate on-line courses:

(1) The Great Write Inn (Steps 1 - 4) - ideal for people who want some support to get started writing and enjoy the satisfaction of writing a Short Story. The Tutoring Team is Amy Scott, Fiona Farrell, Catherine Chidgey, Diane Brown and Julia Anne. 

(2) PublishMe (Steps 5 - 7) - ideal for writers who already have a body of work, but are interested in editing, formatting, self-publishing, marketing and software. The tutoring Team is made up of editors,publishers, promoters and booksellers. They provide the latest on the publishing industry and how reach your audiences and make money from your storytelling. Taught by Emma Neale, Fiona Cole, Steve Rogan, Brownyn Wylie Gibb, San Eng and Julia Anne. 

Enrolments are now open for a new cohort of writers.

Created by writers for writers, featuring Catherine Chidgey, Diane Brown, Fiona Farrell, Amy Scott, Fiona Cole, Emma Neale, Steve Rogan, Julie Lawrence, Eleanor Girven and Julia Anne. 

We are now welcoming writers to join the next cohort. 

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