Frock IT! - Rhythm and Rhymes

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Published: 5/08/2020

Frock IT! Rhythm and Rhymes - feel the beat. Women in dresses laughing, dancing and holding glasses of champagne

Frock IT! Rhythm & Rhymes

Dunedin: Friday 28 August 2020, from 5.30 pm

This event was held in Level 2 in Dunedin.

We followed the S-S-S formula of Level 2 events - Served; Separated and Safety (contact tracing) 

An unofficial National Poetry Day event, come and rock your frock and slam dunk rhyme if you want to.

Includes four hours of dance party music, performance poets and slammers.

Cover charge $14 or General Admission including a glass of bubbles and food service $39.

Be entertained by well known performance poets, rhymers and stand up comedians.

Jenny PowellIan Loughran

Angelina StantonJulia Anne - Performance Poet

Music loving men, women and youth were welcomed and had a great night out. 

We were also delighted to have won TV3's The Project Whip Around Award.

The Project TV3 New Zealand - Winner Whip Around Challenge August 2020


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